Eastern View Nursery, located at 1167 Noxon Road in Lagrangeville, NY is home to Dutchess Hops. Carmine Istvan the owner of Eastern View Nursery felt there was a void amongst the fast growing craft beer industry and Dutchess Hops was founded.

Dutchess Hops is the first commercial hop farm in the Hudson Valley. Situated in the heart of Dutchess County’s agricultural region, Dutchess Hops will bring back an industry that the State of New York once flourished in. Spring 2013 we planted 4000 hills (hop plants) on 4 acres.
Hop varieties include:

  • Hudson Valley Cascade
  • Hudson Valley Centennial (2013 Blue Ribbon Winner at Dutchess County Fair)
  • Hudson Valley Alpharoma
  • Hudson Valley Newport
  • Hudson Valley Willamette
  • Hudson Valley Ultra
  • Hudson Valley Fuggle
  • Hudson Valley Liberty
  • Hudson Valley Teamaker

All hops plants are certified disease free and have been acquired through Cornell Universities disease free program. Hop availability will be as soon as fall 2013 in limited quantities so be sure to arrange your order today. Dutchess Hops will also be providing plants, hop yard consultations and installs along with processing and packaging for hop farmers in the Hudson Valley.